Savage Space

Savage Space: A Prologue

Marked by the ever-changing scape of the galaxy our universe, in much the same way as all others, is rather petty, insignificant, and wholly unremarkable.

But it is ours, and to our last breath we hold that we shall not give that which is so rightfully in our possession away so freely.

There are those who would take it from us to serve their own ends. The Key Systems Allied Corporations (KSAC) look to expand their powers past the four-star cluster of the Kesterian Systems. Their alliance made only to fit their own interests, they carve a pathway to the future by obliterating the past. Much as they did with Sol, and the Redemption. Anyone seated in opposition is quickly cut down or pursued to the furthest extents of the known universe, forced to live in isolation amidst the terraforming colonies of the Outer Rim Territories (ORT). Human experimentation, cloning, biologically-engineered disease, war, technology; these are the molds of the KSAC tyranny, and they utilize them to whatever means necessary.

There are those who resist; The Aristolians, concealed from the KSAC warships by the gaseous anomaly that nearly envelopes their world, have become the sanctuary for the oppressed and a haven for those willing to fight back.

The Plutarchs are left relatively alone by the KSAC, but very little is known as to why or how they have managed to go for such a time without major interference. As such, Plutarch is the universal exchange hub between the KSAC, the ORT, the Aristolians, and any other outlying territories and peoples. There are those who harbor resentment to the Plutarchs, though, particularly the remnants of the Sol System.

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