Jericho Cortland

A wretched hive of scum and villainy amassed in a single entity.


Very few wholly accurate descriptions exist of Jericho, but he is believed to be a slender, muscular man, around 6’2". By the present day, he would be roughly 43 years old, but given the advancements of nano-technology and cyber implants, it is difficult to accurately predict a person’s age on site alone.


Perhaps best known as the Tycho Menace, Jericho Cortland leads a life of simplicity following his many scores across multiple systems of the Ark. In an unscientific survey conducted during the last census, Jericho Cortland is one of the fifty most-popular people in the galaxy, despite the fact that very few actually know what he really looks like. Like the character found in the histories of Earth before the Redemption, Jericho is seen by many as a modern-day Robin Hood, vanquishing at every turn the omni-dimensional corporations of the various Key Systems.

Although many believe that Cortland has not been active for some time, his name is still mentioned whenever the few of The Way stand up against the many of the inter-planetary and galactic powers who strive for power and control at any cost.

Jericho Cortland

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